Healthcare:Dual-Payer ‘Medicare for All’ Plan

My new plan called ‘Dual-Payer Healthcare’ is a system sourcing two healthcare insurance providers resulting in full coverage for ‘every citizen’ in the US.

‘Dual-Payer’ operates with a base of ‘Medicare for All’, but with a second layer of coverage that ensures ALL citizens are covered, while utilizing both commercial health insurance and the ACA. Unlike other plans being discussed, Dual-Payer does not put any insurance companies out of business, but rather creates a more free-market competition, helping to lower prices while utilizing them as a resource, handling administrative functions, saving the government and the tax payers a great deal of money.

The ‘providers’ are; traditional commercial insurance carriers, a new base of ‘Comprehensive Medicare’ program, the ACA, and the VA. Each person shall have full coverage, which depending upon income level, will range from the high-end of a traditional dual-coverage with Comprehensive Medicare as secondary, and on the low-end, utilizing Comprehensive Medicare and the ACA. This plan eliminates the need for Medicaid and Choice, actually aiding in the reduction of direct and administrative costs, increasing the plans cost effectiveness. Also includes repeal of negotiation restrictions on Medicare for pharmaceuticals and other healthcare products, finally introducing a true free-market approach, helping to drive costs down even further.